Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I seriously want to dip them in chocolate.

Monday, December 7, 2009

the yogi baby has arrived!

Ramona Sabine!
Six weeks ago...
I know.
But I'm going to be better I promise! I'm going to at least post a picture every week. Mainly so I can stop bombarding my family and friends with pictures every week.
I'm also going to be using this blog for my crafting, knitting, sewing needs. What does that mean? I have no idea. I may post links to patterns that I'm working on, ideas that I have, and definitely finished projects. Ira got me a sewing machine for my birthday and I am so excited to start making Ramona some clothes and some things for her room.
So, I promised the birth story...
My doctor decided that I needed to be induced 11 days past my due date. So on October 24th, we arrived at the hospital around 9am. The doctor came around 11am to check me, I wasn't dilated at all. So he induced me at that point. We waited around all day with friends in our suite. It was pretty fun, playing cards and eating snacks. Although, if I had known what the next 2 days held I would have SLEPT! The doctor came back at around 6pm and checked me again. Nothing. So the plan was that a resident would come back around 1 am or so and give me another suppository. So Ira and I stayed up til about 10:30 playing cards and watching the Gilmore Girls. Less than an hour later, I started contractions. So we were up all night. The resident did come to check me and I was about 2cm dilated and when the doctor came back in the morning, nothing had changed. So frustrating! All that pain for nothing. The rest of the day was rough. Lots of pain and no breaks between contractions for rest or sleep. I finally gave in and decided to get an epidural once I realized that I wouldn't have the energy to give birth. It was actually a really good experience. The anesthesiologist was amazing. She put me at ease and was incredibly skillful. She made me feel better about getting it. She said most women wouldn't make it to 8cm after 18 hours of labor. It was worth it just to be able to stay in one position and rest. I thought I would want to be able to move around while I was in labor, but I didn't count on not having any downtime between contractions. I guess this is a common problem for women who get induced. I went down to the delivery room around 9pm, pushed for 25 minutes, and there she was! Beautiful from the minute she arrived. She wasn't a squished up newborn, haha. She didn't cry and fuss like the other babies in the nursery, she was very observant and quizzical. Still is...She has changed so much over the past weeks, but there is still a lot of that personality she had the moment she entered the world.