Tuesday, February 23, 2010

a hippie apron dress top thingy

That is the "official" name of the garment I made for Ramona today. When we were in Philly last month I went to an awesome fabric store called Spool. I went with some projects in mind and picked out the fabric for them, but then there were some fat quarter bundles that I couldn't resist. One was comprised of Amy Butler's new line and then other was kind of whimsical, mostly pastel and impishly cute. The one I liked the most had french writing on it and little pictures of things like flowers, houses, bikes, etc. I didn't have anything in particular in mind for this bundle, I thought maybe some drawstring bags or something when she starts amassing "little toys" (as much as I tell myself it won't happen, I know it will...) But then today I was thinking about these hippie tops and dresses I used to make (and buy at, ahem, Dave Matthews concerts) in college. They were simple to make and I figured a miniature sized one would be pretty easy. She could wear it as a dress now, and, if I made it "right" it could be worn as a top later on. It took me most of the day, with tons and tons of stops in between to, you know, care for the child. It's not perfect, the straps are a little wonky. But somehow, I don't think she cares...

Thanks to Papa Dworkin for assisting our adorable model
And who can resist that big cloth diaper butt!

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