Monday, September 14, 2009

Cairo Baby Shower

Here are some pictures from our baby shower in Cairo. It was a boy/girl shower (gasp!) thrown by Amanda and Gordana. All of our friends were there and it was a wonderful day! We feel very lucky to be bringing the baby into such a wonderful group. By the way, one month left! I'm 36 weeks today, I can't believe it...


  1. Just stumbled on your blog and it was great to see another African blogger - even though we are on opposite sides of the continent! I am here in South Africa. Hope all goes well with baby!

  2. I also just stumbled on your blog. :)

    Are you Jenni's friend who had a baby the same time I did? If so, I've heard about you.

    Also, weird that you went to Greece pregnant. I did, too.

    Anyway, we had a girl here in Cairo on Oct. 25th. Maybe we'll see you around...