Thursday, September 3, 2009

Scaredy Pants??

I've been working on these GREAT pants for the baby for a couple of weeks. I picked out the yarn months ago, a pretty forest green color. They were pretty simple to knit, I plan on making more in the future. I was really excited when they were finished, so was Ira, he wants a grown up pair. But then something dawned on me. Why did these pants look so familiar? And then I remembered a Dr. Seuss story that used to scare the, ahem, pants off of me when I was little. Do you know the one??
I can remember not even wanting to turn to that page in the Sneetches (which is my FAVORITE kid's story)

I mean, come on, those are some SCARY pants! How weird that I would choose to make these pants the same color?? Hopefully the baby won't be scared, too!

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