Saturday, May 23, 2009


There things about pregnancy that I really think are not going to happen to me. I know, I know, I am a naive first time mom. But it actually helps me panic a little bit less if I live in my delusional state as long as possible. One of the things I was convinced was going to pass me by was swollen feet. I figured the yoga, all the walking I do, and (stupidly) that my feet and ankles have always been on the bony side (and my high arches have actually been causing me a lot of foot pain lately) would somehow protect me from this "inevitable" side effect. Yesterday I got my wake up call. I spent a lovely day at the pool with Amanda and Pete and then with the Westmorelands later in the day. I love being in the water these days, it feels great on my legs and sore feet. Afterwards, I walked to the market, and then back home. I made dinner and then Ira and I were playing a game of cards. I was sitting in a chair in lotus, like I always do. I got up to get a drink and it felt like my feet were falling asleep. Not entirely uncommon when I forget how long I've been sitting like that. Anyway, I looked down and my toes. The area just below my toes, and the toes themselves were all puffy! What?!! Not me! So I took a shower, rubbed on some peppermint foot lotion and decided to lie down with my legs up the wall. It seemed to help a little bit. This morning, they still felt a little funny, but looked better. I did a little online research and the one thing they tell you to avoid? Being outside in hot climates. Great. Well, I guess I'm going to have at least 3 more weeks of swollen feet. I wonder what's next?! Yikes!

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