Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I feel like this pregnancy's theme is fruit. The website that I look at each week that tells me how big the baby is, often compares him to fruit. And that's all I feel like eating. More on that in a second. Last night's sleep was the worst it's ever been. You can read about it here. I know there are a lot of friends and family who read both blogs so I don't want to be redundant. Anyway, back to my obsession of the moment. I just can't get enough. All of my meals and snacks are 80%, if not 100% fruit. Especially peaches. They are really good right now and I think what I'm craving is the juiciness of them more than anything. It's not the greatest thing to be craving, honestly. I know it's a very healthy thing to be craving, but in terms of "stocking up" it's just not that practical. I'm going to say that I eat somewhere between 25 and 30 peaches a week. That's at least 4 trips to the market each week to get fresh fruit. And that doesn't include the apples, bananas, locuts, and strawberries, nor the occasional dried apricots and prunes. I'm sure once I get back to the States next month, it'll be all sushi, pizza, and Domani Star, but for now I'm happy with my fruit.

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  1. Wait! You said next month! You'll be home next month!
    So, what fruit is the baby the size of this week?